Geroma do Brasil

Founded in 1979 and initiating industrial activities in 1982, Geroma do Brasil made its founder´s dream come true in consolidating its activities in Brazil. The company was set up in Ponta Grossa – Parana State due to its proximity to the sassafras producing region. At the begining the goal was to distill and industrialize sassafras essential oil for production of Heliotropin (piperonal) by ozonolisys, a fixer used extensively in the fragrance industry and with applications to the flavour industry.

With its quality policy always oriented to suit the requirements of its clients, Geroma do Brasil started to become internationally known and began developing other raw materials in their factory conceding an output volume in of 1.000 MT/year.

Geroma do Brasil then began distilling turpentine in order to obtain high purity alpha and beta pinene and later myrcene via pyrolysis.

With a thriving Brazilian market, Geroma expanded their activities importing many products for the aroma chemicals and essencial oil business.

We maintain a large stock and can offer over 70 products by system just-in-time.